Yoma 68 - July 18, 8 Tamuz


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Study Guide Yoma 68

Today's daf is sponsored in honor of Mordechai ben Regina. May HaShem bring him a refu'ah shleima umheira. With love, Debbie and Gerard Engelen-Eigles.

From where do we learn that you do not flay the skin of the animal before burning but we do cut it into pieces? At what point do those who burn the bull and goat become impure and their clothes as well? There are two opinions – from where do each derive their answer? Where is the place where they burn the animals? And which people involved become impure? What method was used to determine that the goat was sent to the desert so that they could continue the work in the Temple? Up to what stage of the process of the goat to Azazel can the Kohen Gadol already continue his work in the Temple? The Kohen Gadol reads from the Torah - what exactly does he read? What clothes does he wear or can he wear? What can we learn from this about the reading and the priests’ clothing? What blessings did he bless after reading from the Torah?

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