Yoma 70 - June 20, 10 Tamuz


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Study Guide Yoma 70

This week's learning is sponsored by Bill and Shira Futornick in memory of Bill's father and Shira's grandfather, David ben Yaakov z"l on his third Yahrzeit. "Although not ritually observant in the traditional sense, he taught us through example. As a writer, he would never touch his IBM Selectric, Smith Corona, or any other means of writing, on Shabbat. He was a man who truly valued treating people with kindness, and for whom family was of paramount importance. "

Today's daf is sponsored by Emma Rinberg in loving memory of Dr. Eric Glick, "who passed away on 10 Tammuz, 31 years ago, taken from us too soon. Daddy had the calming hand of a doctor, a beautiful singing voice, a deep knowledge of Torah (he knew chumash by heart) and a great emunah in Hashem. He was a Zionist all his life and would be so proud of all of his family, his legacy. I miss him a lot. May his memory be blessed and our learning bring an aliya to his neshama."

The Gemara explains different details that were mentioned regarding the reading of the Torah by the Kohen Gadol. What is the order of the sacrifices performed in the Temple on Yom Kippur? The mishnah describes from the third dipping in the mikveh to the fifth and final one. There are some controversies over certain details - such as, when were the additional (musaf) sacrifices brought? Was there one ram (communal offering) the was mentioned both in Vayikra and referred back to in Bamidbar? Or was the ram mentioned in Bamidbar with the musaf offerings a different one than the one mentioned in Vayikra?

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