Yoma 71 - June 21, 11 Tamuz


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Study Guide Yoma 71

Today's daf is sponsored by Jill Shames upon the Shloshim of her father, Ze'ev Velvel ben Reuven v'Chana, Bill Baker in gratitude for the love of learning he instilled in his children, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren. And by Rivkie Berger Samson in memory of her father, Shea Berger, Yehoshua Heschel ben Ephraim Yisroel HaLevi, on his first yartzeit. "My father’s love of learning and attendance at multiple shiurim during his busy week as well as on Shabbat has inspired me to continue in his footsteps. He is sorely missed. Yihei Zichro Baruch."

When did Aharon remove the spoon and the pan? A braita explains that these verses are not in order. How do we know that? Rav Chisda and Rava prove it - each in a different way. The braita also explained that these verses are the only ones that are out of order in this chapter, but also that isn’t so as the burning of the bull and goat are out of order. The gemara proves that they are also out of order. What will a person do if he sees that his children have left the Torah way? The gemara tells a story about a high priest who met Shemaiah and Avtalion after he finished his work on Yom Kippur and the people who accompanied him went instead to escort Shemaiah and Avtalion. The high priest got angry and reminded them that they were once not Jewish (as they had converted). To which they responded: we are behaving more like Aaron's descendants than you because we pursue peace and you do not. The mishna compares the clothes of the lay priest to the clothes of the high priest. How thick do each of the threads need to?

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