Yoma 72 - June 22, 12 Tamuz


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Study Guide Yoma 72

Today's daf is sponsored by Dahlia Levy in honor of her 50th birthday, and in honor of the wedding anniversary of her dear friends and role models, Rabbanit Michelle and Rabbi Seth Farber. Mazel tov to Eric Leiderman and Sarah Pila on their wedding yesterday. And a refuah shleima to Netanel Ilan ben Shayna Tzippora.

How do we know how many threads were used in the rest of the clothes/fabrics in the list we saw on page 71? Is there a prohibition from the Torah against tearing priestly garments? Is it forbidden to disconnect the choshen from the ephod and the rings from the Ark? Drashot are brought to explain why the boards of the Tabernacle are described as "standing" and the priestly garments called "s'rad"? The gemara brings many drashot on the subject of Torah scholars (some of them derived from verses on the Ark) on the importance of internalizing what one learns and being a God fearing person.

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