Yoma 73 - June 23, 13 Tamuz


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Study Guide Yoma 73

Rav Dimi says that the Kohen who is anointed to strengthen the soldiers when going out to war wears the garments of the Kohen Gadol when he works in the Temple. Ravin says that he wears them when consulting with God through the Urim v’Tumim. Two questions are raised against Rav Dimi. Through these questions, an answer is given that the Kohen who is anointed for war cannot wear the Kohen Gadol's clothing due to jealousy of the Kohen Gadol (by Torah law, he can but the rabbis prohibited). A question is brought from a source that compares all the laws regarding the Kohen Gadol/former Kohen Gadol/and Kohen for war seems to indicate that jealousy is not a concern and yet the Kohen for war does not wear the same clothes as the Kohen Gadol. How is this resolved? Ravin brings a different statement regarding the Kohen for war and the clothing of the Kohen Gadol - he wears them when he consults with the Urim v'Tumim. How does one consult with the Urim v’Tumim? Examples are brought from the Prophets to learn what is said, how it should be said, etc. How was the answer given? What is forbidden on Yom Kippur? What are exceptions to the rule? What is the requisite amount of food that can’t be eaten? Can foods and drink combine to get to the requisite amount? Is it forbidden by Torah law to eat less than the requisite amount (chatzi shiur)?

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