Fixing Your Position for Less 'Bump' When Horse Riding Over Groundpoles


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It can feel bumpy, right? A little more space than what you’re used to feeling. And, if there are two or more poles, well, it can all get a little unbalanced! For you and your horse.

I preach all the time about the benefits of groundpoles when used correctly. And, one of those benefits comes from riders learning what to do when navigating them.

Groundpoles are, well, Poles!

One of the first issues riders come up against when working over groundpoles is that they treat them like they’re not there. They are. And all of the bumpy, unbalanced, sometimes discomfort, you are feeling when you ride over them is evidence of that! Expecting to initially ride over groundpoles and not do a thing differently is simply setting both you and your horse up for an uncomfortable experience.

As your horse steps over the pole, he will use his body differently.

He has to lift his legs higher. Yes, 4 to 5 inches is still higher. He will also have to step under himself a little more to propel himself forward. This is especially true if there are two or more poles for him to navigate. He will engage his core. A little like ’tightening up his tummy’ as he moves over them. And he will stretch down and forward with his head and neck to see what he is doing, to balance, and to allow the freedom of movement the rest of his body needs.

All of the above is one of the reasons groundpoles are so beneficial for your horse, regardless of discipline or training level.


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