Friend or Foe? Your Lunging Whip when Lunging Your Horse


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Have you been using your lunging whip incorrectly? Have you decided not to use it at all?

Your lunging whip is one of the best aids you have to help you clarify your communication when it comes to lunging your horse. However, in order for it to be of benefit, it must be used correctly.

And, unfortunately, the lunging whip can often be misused, and often, therefore, misunderstood when it comes to aids in lunging and riding.

Lunging Whip; What’s in a Name?

For many riders, their resistance to and incorrect use of the lunging whip is caused by the name we have given this piece of equipment. I have a feeling that if a lunging whip was called a pointer or a demonstrator, it would ‘feel’ different for many riders to incorporate it into their conversation with their horse.


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