Improve the Timing of Your Seat Aids - 3 Ways to Do This Today When You Ride


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Timing... It's an important element of great conversations. You can give all the correct responses, but if the timing is off - they are not as meaningful. And this affects the connection and flow. Horse riding is the same.

After all, horse riding is just a word we use to describe the conversation between the rider and the horse.

As a rider, it takes time to learn how to move one part of our body while having minimal influence on other parts. Part of improving your ability to do this is to work on developing your aids independently of each other. And the other part is to become very aware of what you are saying and when. It takes time to develop your independent aids and, as a result, your independent seat.

However, while you are working on doing these, you can also start to become more aware of when you are communicating. You can work on the timing of your seat aids.

In this episode, I want to focus on the 'when' part of your conversation. And specifically, the aid that we tend to get most muddled up about - your seat.


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