Are You Blocking with Your Seat While Riding? Part 2


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Are you guilty of saying one thing to your horse, when you actually mean another? You're not alone! This is the second part of a 2 part series all about blocking with your seat, and how to stop doing it! Part 1 is HERE

Before we dive into the actual riding exercises you can do to discover if you have been blocking. And then, using those same exercises to actually begin allowing. Let's get clear on what we mean when we say 'blocking'.

Blocking is when you mean to say ‘carry on’, but instead you say ‘whoa’. It is applying the resisting force of your seat when you actually want to simply allow your horse to really move your seat.

Exercise 1:- Allowing in the Walk

A lot can be learned about your influence on your horse in the walk. Slight changes and tweaks to what you are doing can have a big and, very important, noticeable impact on your horse's way of going. Use this to your advantage and test yourself…

In halt, take both feet out of your stirrups. From here, ask your horse to walk forward. Your goal is to simply follow your horse with your seat. Like dancing. Your horse is the lead partner. You are literally a split second ‘behind’ your horse's movement and yet moving with him - not being dragged!

As your horse walks, pay close attention to the rhythm of the walk and how much ground he is covering with each stride.


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