Create a Plan for 7 Days in Your Riding


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What will you be doing with your horse this week? Seem’s like an innocent enough question… ‘Ah, a bit of this and a dash of that’...

And there is the problem. If you committed to actually planning out the answer to this question for the coming 4 weeks in your riding, you can, potentially, change everything.

The Same Thing = The Same Result

So many riders are doing the same thing, day in and day out, and then feeling frustrated by the lack of results.

They go out there, day after day. Clock in their respective rides. For some, it might be 4 a week. Others might be happy with 2 a week. There is a feeling of accomplishment having ‘gotten in’ the two or four rides for that week. But what has really changed? What was intentional? Focused?

And are your results merely reflecting your lack of doing anything different?

Is it possible that you are, in fact, seeing results? You are failing to see them because they are simply the same ones you’ve been seeing for quite a while now… Doing the same thing over and over will achieve one result. The same one! Expecting anything different is wishful thinking!


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