Developing & Celebrating Your Unique Style as a Rider


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What would happen to you and your riding if you began embracing your unique style as a rider? If instead of trying to ride like someone else, you began to really understand and know what it is to ride like you?

I think that many riders are trying to ride like or act like someone else in their riding. Maybe it’s the rider at the barn who has been at this a few years longer than you. Or the rider who is 10, 20, or 30 years younger than you. It could be the rider who has never had their own horse, meaning they have ridden any horse they had the opportunity to ride for the past 10 years. Or the rider who is quiet, reserved, and calm under pressure…

As equestrians, we all have riders we admire. Riders we would like to become 'more like’ in our own riding. But they are not you.

The key is to really begin to understand your own unique style as a rider, and from that place, begin blending complementary techniques and styles into your mix.

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