Developing Contact on the Lunge Using Your Lunge Line


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Your lunge line is not there to keep your horse on the circle while lunging. I would love for you to take a moment just to consider this statement. Is it at all possible that you have been using your lunge line, in some shape way or form to do this for you? If lunging is not enjoyable, a tug of war, or just too darn difficult, this could be why.

Have you been using your lunge line to keep your horse on the circle, rather than to develop contact and connection with your horse?

Here is my step by step system to turn that around for you in your lunging...

Embrace Artificial Aids

Your lunge line is an artificial aid. And artificial aids are fantastic if used correctly. The keyword is "correctly". Many riders have allowed themselves to be led down a path where the use of artificial aids, such as lunge lines, lunge whips, or lunging arenas, is frowned upon.

Artificial aids are there to back up or support your natural aids.

And, you can always refine your natural aids, over time, to the point where artificial aids are no longer needed or used all the time. In fact, this is one of your responsibilities as a rider. Doing the work to refine your aids.


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