4 Actions to Maintain 'Forward' in Your Riding


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Have you ever considered that, if something is not ‘working’ in your riding, the reason might just be a lack of forward? We spend a lot of our focus on making sure we have established relaxation and rhythm. Yet, working forward is actually essential for either of those two to be present and working for you in your riding.

Here are 4 simple actions you can take every time you ride to help you begin to both establish and maintain forward in your riding.

What Is Forward?

Forward is when you and your horse are going somewhere with a sense of purpose. It is the opposite of going nowhere slowly! It is the energy, the intention, and the momentum that must be present in order for anything else to work.

You must think forward. You must feel confident moving forward and you must then take action on the forward. It is mental, emotional, and physical.

I believe that forward must be present and established before relaxation and rhythm. And yet, forward is not rushing and racing. It is not frantic or chaotic. Nor is it excessive tension. It is mental, emotional, and physical.


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