Stop Wasting & Start Investing Your Time with Your Horse


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We are all guilty of wasting time at some point or another in our day to day lives. However, I want to challenge you for 1 month to NOT waste any more of your time with your horse. Riding for the sake of saying you rode is a waste of time. Clocking in the hours is not the same as being productive with those hours.

And if you have stopped riding or you’re not riding as much as you ‘want’… Could it be that the riding you were doing was ‘wasting time’ rather than working towards something that really inspired you?

Change is Okay & Maybe Necessary

As I write this we are getting ready to begin the final month of 2020. The official year of the curveball. December is always a time when most people do a little review of what was, and begin planning goals for the new year.

I personally don’t think you have to wait until the official end of a calendar year to do this, meaning if you are reading this in July 2021, apply this now!

The world as a whole has changed so much recently, is it possible that the goals you set for yourself and your horse in December 2019 might need to be tweaked? Or even scrapped? Has this year benefited you regarding focus and identifying what is a priority? Or has it left you feeling uncertain about anything?

I want you to read or listen to this with an open mind. A clean slate. And I would love it if you could set some goals with that same openness and readiness to start new and fresh if necessary.


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