Alexander Pearce: A Disturbing Journey Through The New World


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This week we go back to the Penal Colonies of Australia to visit a story of grimey adventure, with Alexander Pearce, a convict who escaped into the bush and then, naturally, ate all his friends SOURCES Knopf A., Alfred, (1987) The Fatal Shore: A history of the Transportation of Convicts to Australia 1787-1868, Collins Harvill, UK Collins, Paul, (2004) Hells Gates, Hardie Grant Books, Australia Boyce, James. “Return to Eden: Van Diemen’s Land and the Early British Settlement of Australia.” Environment and History 14, no. 2, “Australia Revisited” special issue (May, 2008): 289–307. Convict Life, Pearce, Alexander,$002f$002fNAME_INDEXES$002f0$002fNAME_INDEXES:1424923/one. “The Land of the 'Free': Criminal Transportation to America.” The History Press, ------

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