Frenzy: The Killing of Traci Lynch (PE)


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Episode 165: On the afternoon of July 24, 2015, the RCMP were called by the residents of 192 Pleasant Grove Road, outside of Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island. They said that the night before there had been a fight between a man, Joel Lawrence Clow, 46, and a woman, Clow’s 40-year-old on an off-again girlfriend and mother of one, Traci Lynn Lynch. Responding officers knew they would be investigating a domestic dispute, they’d dealt with Traci and Joel before. Things became more serious when cops discovered Traci, deceased on Clow’s property.

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Trial - Day 1

Trial - Day 2

Trial - Day 3

Trial - Delay

Trial - Day 4

Trial - Day 5

Trial - Day 6

Trial - Day 7

Trial - Day 7b

Trial - Day 8

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