Dark Adult Non-Fiction Books Coming Out June 2022


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Dark Side of the Library Podcast Episode #61: Dark Adult Non-Fiction Books Coming Out June 2022 Show Notes:

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The Art Of Horror Movies: An Illustrated History, by Steven Jones (Author) – June 15, 2022


A Crochet World of Creepy Creatures and Cryptids: 40 Amigurumi Patterns for Adorable Monsters, Mythical Beings and More, by Rikki Gustafson (Author) – June 21, 2022


England on Fire: A Visual Journey through Albion's Psychic Landscape Hardcover by Stephen Ellcock (Author), Mat Osman (Author) (June 14)


Evermore: The Persistence of Poe: The Edgar Allan Poe Collection of Susan Jaffe Tane, by Susan Jaffe Tane (Author), Gabriel Mckee (Author) (June 19)


Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World, by Victoria Finlay (Author) – June 7, 2022


Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Bestiary: A Definitive Guide to the Creatures of the Goblin King's Realm, by S.T. Bende (Author), Iris Compiet (Illustrator) – June 7, 2022


Killer Collections: Dark Artifacts from True Crime, by Paul Gambino (June 28)


Screams & Nightmares: The Films of Wes Craven, by Brian J. Robb (June 7)


The Psychology of Totalitarianism, by Mattias Desmet (Author) – June 16, 2022


Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A Map of Folk Horror, by Kier-La Janisse (Author) - June 1, 2022


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