Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts : The Curious Case of Bishop Pike w/ Mark Anthony


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Darkness Radio presents Holzer's Ghosts : The Curious Case of Bishop Pike with guest Mark Anthony

Dave digs deep into a case, a man and his haunted history and unusual death that fascinated Dr. Hans Holzer. Tonight Mark Anthony joins us to discuss the enigma and Curious Case of Bishop Pike.

Baffling, incredible things happened in the apartment of Bishop James A. Pike after the suicide of his son, Jim Jr. Objects connected with young Jim moved around the apartment by unseen hands, clock hands swung and stopped at the hour of Jim's death, the thermostat moved up while the residents were away, to make the apartment as warm as Jim had liked it!

Were these events the fantasy of Dr. Pike's mind? Were they a cruel hoax? Were they attempts by his deceased son to contact the father from the spirit world, as the renowned Episcopal bishop came to believe? Or was there something else at work here, something that would lead to his mysterious death in Israel and did he reach out from the great beyond to share the secrets?

Visit Mark Anthony here: www.AfterlifeFrequency.com

Get Dr. Holzer's book The Psychic World of Bishop Pike here: https://amzn.to/3pFSFat

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