"Are you fully vaccinated right after the jab or a little while after the jab?" Prof Tulio explains


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When we talk about the factors that make us an elite Breakfast Radio Show, we have to also include the the fact that we get the chance to speak directly with one of the world's top virologists, virus-hunters and bioinformaticians in the world - Professor Tulio de Oliveira. Take a listen as he answers this and other COVID-19 and vaccine-related questions that go as follows: Are the Pfizer and Johnson and Johsnon vaccines equally effective? And are both recognised internationally? - SA Health sites says that you should wait a minimum of 30 days after you’ve had COVID-19 to get your vaccine. Do you agree? - Is it true that you can’t get the delta variant if you don’t have tonsils? He covers all these tracks in this podcast.

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