SL-8 Data Skills, Check. What About Soft Skills?


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In this episode we have Figen Ulgen, Head of Data & Analytics at Woolworths NZ and Angela Kim, Head of Analytics & AI at Teachers Health joining us for a conversation around soft skills and their relevance in the world of data.

Figen gives soft skills the same importance as technical skills, given that both of them are necessary for individuals to reach success.

Soft skills may come naturally for some people, but even those who struggle can learn them. It may not come automatically, but it is definitely possible to improve. Angela encourages organizations to provide training for their teams in this area, to help them understand each other and their differences better, and also to learn from each other.


  • "If you don't have the communication skills or the ability to try and see things from their perspective, I think it is pretty difficult to get to the actual analytics part."
  • "We need to be able to socially well coordinate relationships because it is adding another dimension to the workplace."

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