Episode 27 - Digital Authoritarianism An Increasingly Dark Side Of The Internet


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The internet was once viewed as an instrument of freedom. It freed communications across borders, aided the ability of people to rally against repressive governments, dramatically lowered entry barriers to sellers of goods and services across borders. But like many good things, the internet has been increasingly harnessed to repress – or more neutrally to assist those in control of government to keep their power and a watchful eye and long arm over those who threaten their view of public order, The Freedom House report is a disturbing compilation of the rise of digital authoritarianism. The study of 65 countries that hold 87% of the world’s internet users found a decline in freedom from June 2017-May 2018 in 26 nations compared to gains in 19. If you have ideas for more interviews or stories, please email info@thedataprivacydetective.com.

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