Booze and Love!


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Andrea sits down with Jimmy Collins - a wine and spirits expert passionate about all things liquor and good vino!
Jimmy shares how he got started in the wine and spirits industry, the value of building relationships in business (and in life!), and the importance of giving (book discussed: Give and Take by Adam Grant).
He then jumps in to share how he fell in love with his now fiancé after meeting her at an airport (total fate!) and how the engagement he had thoughtfully organized ended up not working out as planned... but still made for a great (and hilarious) story.
Jimmy wraps up the interview flipping the tables and asking Andrea some questions about her dating life and offering her some tips along with a piece of simple yet honest advice for all the single men out there.
If you're interested in knowing more about jimmy you can find him on IG @JimmyCollins101
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