Are You Codependent?


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What better way to follow up an episode about Valentine's Day than to look at codependency? Sarah and Adam talk about all of the ways that being codependent can show up in a relationship, and how best to deal with it. Is any form of codependency unhealthy? Are there good types? Listen and find out! Also in this episode: Adam rants, Sarah overshares, and what else is new? Dating Kinda Sucks is a raw, honest, and hilarious podcast that focuses on all aspects of dating, sex, and relationships, promoting a lifestyle of transparency, openness, and healthy communication as a path to happiness. It is created, edited, and produced by Sarah G. and Adam Heath Avitable. Facebook group: Patreon: Instagram: Sarah G on Twitter: Avitable on Twitter: Website: YouTube: Sarah’s OF: Adam’s OF: Theme song performed by Crafty McVillain.

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