Twelfth House - How to be Your Own Authority with DayLuna Human Design 


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This is what the 12th House had to say:

Today is the fourth and last episode in our mini-series on Meaning Making Systems with Shayna and Dana of DayLuna Human Design. [0:02:00] Reframing Human Design for liberation free of old-school HD dogma [0:06:00] How to tell when you’re out of alignment with your Human Design type and authority [0:10:00] Becoming your own authority and understanding who you are at a core level [0:16:00] Dana’s corporate experience and what discovering HD did for her career [0:20:00] Moving past conditioning and how staying small steals from others [0:32:00] How to understand your purpose on the physical vs. spiritual planes [0:38:30] The two schools of thought in Human Design and how they differ [0:59:00] What scares people from fulfilling their purpose [1:00:00] Fear of responsibility — being afraid of your highest and most powerful self

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