Days of Thunder #47: You Can Call Him Vince Now


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Two days late and a few bucks short, Days of Thunder stumbles over the line with more audio goodness than you can handle. Kick back, pour a drink and enjoy as Dave and Lee chat: *Recent DSOTR *Do our first TRL draw *Marvel at the booking of the tag division once again *Follow the wacky adventures of the B-Team We’ll be back in two weeks with a brand new HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR, and encourage people to watch the shows along with us and send us any thoughts or memories. You can drop us an email at either or Please feel free to follow us on Twitter and continue the Thunder chat! Our blog 'Beyond The Thunder Road' is at where you can expect new content eventually, and we are now on Instagram at You can also follow Dave or Lee Special thanks to Keith Broni for the podcast art.

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