Episode 60 - Primates written by Tessa Coates (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)


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This month we bring you a pilot that was consumed in the fires of Quibi's epic flame-out! The pilot is Primates by Tessa Coates. Tessa is a British writer, performer, journalist, and comedian. Primates is based on her debut solo show which sold out its entire run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and ran at the Soho Theatre to even more sell-out audiences. After Soho, Tessa performed her show around Los Angeles, and then sold it in a competitive situation to ABC Studios with Greg Daniels (The Office, King of the Hill) attached to executive produce. After a round of development at ABC, the project moved to Quibi, and, well, you know how that ended. Primates centers around Tessa, a hapless primatologist who tries to navigate love, life, and friendship, one biology lesson at a time.

Primates stars Tessa Coates as Tessa, Maria Bamford as The Professor, Lolly Adefope as Kat, Joel Kim Booster as Anthony, Nick Mohammed as Dean Gaffney, Jon Rudnitsky as Jamie, Moujan Zolfaghari as Very First Bug/Embarrassed Female/Sandrine/Other Uber Pool Passenger/Juliette, Hal Lublin as Chimpanzee/Wright Brothers/Steve Ballmer/John The Uber Driver/Director/Freud/ Mark Gagliardi as Schrodinger/Uber Passenger/Buzz Aldrin/Wright Brothers/Cave Man and Andrew Reich with stage directions. Enjoy it!

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