Episode 93: Andy Bobrow (Community, Last Man On Earth) Interview (Greatest American Heroes After Show)


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It’s week two of the Max Fun Drive! This is the one time of year where all of the shows on the Maximum Fun Network reach out to you and ask you to become members or upgrade your membership to help make our show possible. We’re following up last week’s table read of Greatest American Heroes with an interview with its writer, Andy Bobrow (Community, Last Man On Earth, Brooklyn 99!) In it you’ll hear Andy talk about his fifteen years in advertising before becoming a television writer. He let us in on some of his worries as a new writer, the pressure he put on himself to succeed, and the constant worry of thinking he might be too old to make it in this industry. You’ll hear Andy talk about how he got his first writing job on Malcolm In The Middle and his experience writing on Community. He also talks in detail about how helpful it was to have had a career in advertising before becoming a TV writer. Some profound insight and vulnerability in this one. You won’t want to hit the pause button. Enjoy it!

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