Episode 94: How To Be A Couple written by Naomi Ekperigin (The Standups on Netflix) & Andy Beckerman (Co-host of Couples Therapy Podcast)


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Moving on to this month’s dead pilot! It’s called How To Be A Couple written by Naomi Ekperigin (The Standups on Netflix, Mythic Quest) & Andy Beckerman (The Pete Holmes Show). Naomi and Andy are the co-hosts of the fantastic Couples Therapy podcast. This is a very autobiographical pilot about Natalie and Sam, a bi-racial couple who are in a throuple with their careers. The pilot was sold to Comedy Central with Annie Mebane attached to showrun and executive produce. The project was originally developed by CBS TV Studios.

The cast for this one is top notch as always! It features Naomi Ekperigin as Natalie, Andy Beckerman as Sam, Chris Tallman (Reno 911!) as Landlord Rick, Jessica Regan (lll Behavior) as Professor Miriam Fogle, Nyima Funk (Key & Peele) as Sandra, Matt Catanzano (The Last OG) as Craig, Mort Burke (The Mindy Project) as Gene, Aparna Nancherla (Mythic Quest) as Sofia, and Andrew Reich with stage directions. Tune in next week for our interview with Naomi and Andy. Thanks for supporting our show! Enjoy!

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