Episode 95: Naomi Ekperigin (The Stand Ups on Netflix) & Andy Beckerman (The Pete Holmes Show) Interview (How To Be A Couple After Show)


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If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode How To Be A Couple written by Naomi Ekperigin (The Standups on Netflix) & Andy Beckerman (The Pete Holmes Show) you must! While you’re at it, check out their podcast Couples Therapy too. This is our After Show interview with Naomi & Andy. It’s a fun one too! You’ll hear them get into the unique dynamics of their writing relationship and how they go about writing their relationship. We got into the great New York watercolor magazine wars of the early 2000s; Naomi & Andy’s first project together - the reality show Inside Caucasia; Naomi’s first job as a writer’s assistant on Broad City; how to deal when your partner has a different hill they want to die on then you; why you need to be careful about who you riff with, and so much more. Naomi & Andy are absolutely hilarious and a delight to talk to. Enjoy this one and thanks for listening!

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