Dear Aunt Susan: I Need Divorce Advice!


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So it's really happening. Your husband was sitting with you and suddenly asked for a divorce. "I really think we should separate. It's not working for me anymore." The papers have been filed, he moved out, and you're here with the kids.Wow! You got blindsided, all right. What now?Getting a divorce is like getting tossed into an emotional blender. All at the same time, you're feeling angry, betrayed, sad, depressed, anxious, helpless, and a whole bunch of other things. Listen to Dear Aunt Susan, who will give you actionable tips and strategies to get you through it all in one piece.Susan Petang is a Certified Life Coach specializing in the Stress of Divorce. She's one of the experts featured on Divorce by Rose, an app for parents who are thinking about or starting the divorce process.

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