#98. Yuri Deigin (Life Extension, Lab Leak Theory, Ivermectin & Vaccines)


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Yuri Deigin is a Russian-Canadian biotech entrepreneur and life extension activist whose primary area of expertise lies in the field of drug discovery and development. He wrote a 16,000 word essay on Medium where he argued that the Wuhan Lab Leak theory of Covid-19's origins has strong evidence for it. Many virologists disagree with this sentiment, but Yuri doesn't think it should be dismissed.
He has also been vocal on Twitter against Bret Weinstein and his Dark Horse Podcast regarding Bret's encouragement of Ivermectin use and anti-vaccine rhetoric.
We discussed life extension goals and challenges, gene therapy, ivermectin, vaccines, the Wuhan lab leak and Covid-19's origins, as well as the current state of geopolitics regarding Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan this week following the US military leaving the country.
Yuri can be found on Medium and on twitter at @ydeigin

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