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Italo disco makes the perfect Halloween dance party.

Check out Dorine Hollier sexy-dancing out of her cardigan on Italy’s Superclassifica show in 1984.

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Track listing (and where to buy or stream these tracks):

Dorine Hollier, “Tonight! (Crazy Night)”

Toto Coelo, “Dracula’s Tango (Sucker for Love)” — Spotify

Radiorama, “Vampires” — Apple Music Spotify

Magali, “Vampire Night”

Emmie Yokoyama, “Disco Vampirella”

Phoebus, “Frankenstein” — Apple Music Spotify

Nancy Nova, “The Force” — Spotify

Magic Mail, “Magic Lover”

Romina Pearl, “Possession de Nuit”

Adolf Stern, “More...I Like It” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

Cherook, “Licanthrope”

The Immortals, “Ultimate Warlord” — Apple Music Amazon Music

Samoa Park, “Tubular Affair”

Stage, “Voodoo Dance” — Spotify Amazon Music

Kathy Joe Daylor, “Little Witch”

Radiorama, “Yeti” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

Giusy Dej, “Walking in the Night”

Daydream, “Crazy”

Patrick Cowley, “They Came at Night” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

Skatt Brothers, “Walk the Night” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

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