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Part two of a celebration of 80s music that’s either outright spooky or Halloween-adjacent.

Listen to previous Halloween episodes, Samantha and Sabrina — and also this episode, which has a solid dark-dancey vibe.

Also listen to Different Head’s Halloween episodes: Spooky, Midnight Horror and Vol. 75.

Track listing:

0:00 Art Fine, “Dark Silence” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

8:27 Box 20th, “Midnight Horror”

12:20 Trilogy, “Black Devil” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

18:25 Steve Doesn’t Drive, “Woman and Car”

25:02 Den Harrow, “Broken Radio” — Apple Music SpotifyAmazon Music

30:18 Fresh, “El Lobo”

38:15 Camomilla, “Queen of the Night” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

45:07 Pseudo Echo, “His Eyes” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

49:18 A Avenue, “Golden Queen” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

55:51 Lene Lovich, “It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz)” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

59:14 Wanexa, “The Man From Colours”

65:48 J. Geils Band, “Fright Night” — Apple Music Spotify

71:45 Eva Nora, “Ragazza Della Sera”

76:15 Kan Kan, “Phone Call”

79:46 The Zombies, “Zombi”

83:26 Supermax, “Spooky”

87:46 Ghibli, “Looking for You” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

96:42 PC 2000, “Transylvania 6-5000”

This whole thing is put together by me, Drew Mackie. Follow me on Twitter. I'm on Instagram too. Also listen to the Spotify playlist that inspired this podcast.

If you have a recommendation for a song you think should be played on the show, hit me up on Twitter or leave me a voicemail by calling (970) 823-4726 — or 970 82 DISCO. I may play your recommendation on a future show.

Have a look at the official website for fancy people.

The original art for this podcast was designed by Sarah Wickham, who rocks. Check out her art and also buy her stuff.

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