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Our guest today tells her story which recounts the destructive power of secrets, shame, and isolation, and how she used art to reconstruct her own identity through the creation of the character "Lala Drona" in fiction, and eventually in the real world. Her experience with a unilateral breast agenesis created a unique frame from which she sees the world and the role of our bodies within it. Since the body part in question was her breasts, and breasts are strongly linked to femininity, motherhood, and sexual attractiveness, she has a unique outlook on the construction and power of these topics within our culture and society. Much of her work looks at alternate realities, the digital world, and the physical world. This is inspired by her experience of having a breast implant to reconstruct the left breast, and having a natural breast on the right side. She constantly embodied experiences between "the simulation" and "the natural slash real". She is currently creating a documentary which recounts her experiences as a teenager growing up to the present day and her final decision to not have a โ€œpiece of Tupperwareโ€ on one side of her body, as she so bluntly stated in our conversation. The documentary covers topics such as "shame," "secrets," and the role of the human body in our everyday social interactions... What I found very interesting was the creative way in which she dealt with her secret body by creating a fictional universe from a young age, one in which she still uses today for creative inspiration and with this persona. Lala Drona. You can see her work by looking her up on instagram @dronalala, her blog Based on a Fact.com, and her website laladrona.com which we listed as links in the show notes and description of this video.

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Over the last year, I feel that the conversations and guests we've had on the show point to an internal drive to seek the truth. It sounds so esoteric to say that there is deeper energy flowing through all of us, connecting all of us. The fact is, when I connect with these folks on the podcast, I continue to work through the interaction throughout the week. There is so much to learn from the stories of others, and I truly believe there is some "thing" out there, whether you call it consciousness, energy, the universe, or god, whatever it is, somehow connects us. This podcast is proof of that connection.


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