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My guest today is Elizabeth Meyers, an Air Force Academy Graduate, wife to a fighter pilot, and mother of eight children. It's easy to imagine the craziness in her day-to-day life. The dynamic mix that emerges is truly remarkable. Following the untimely death of her unborn baby, Timothy, Elizabeth's life dramatically changed. Even though she had her doubts about God's faithfulness, she came through a season of difficulty to tell her story and encourage others to rise above hardship so they can live with purpose and joy. Liz also serves as the host of the weekly podcast Resilient Life Hacks, which explores inspiring stories and practical application in the field of healing. As a motivational speaker and Bible teacher, Elizabeth appreciates using familiar metaphors to discuss large theological topics and make such notions more accessible to the general public. Liz helps the people she touches overcome the challenges they face and help them succeed in their goals by teaching them how to strengthen their spirit, soul, and body.









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Over the last year, I feel that the conversations and guests we've had on the show point to an internal drive to seek the truth. It sounds so esoteric to say that there is deeper energy flowing through all of us, connecting all of us. The fact is, when I connect with these folks on the podcast, I continue to work through the interaction throughout the week. There is so much to learn from the stories of others, and I truly believe there is some "thing" out there, whether you call it consciousness, energy, the universe, or god, whatever it is, somehow connects us. This podcast is proof of that connection.


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