After Dark 13: Discussing Racism with Your Children with Lyvonne and Shannon


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Have you had "the talk" with your children about racism?

In this episode, the queens discuss having to the talk with their children about racism and being black in America. Did 2020 show more racism or was it just brought more to the forefront by people who don't experience it?

We also discuss "forgiveness" when racist acts take place and where we stand. In today's world, everyone should be having the talk not only with their children but their family and friends. Lyvonne shares how an incident prompted her to have the talk with her son. Whereas, Shannon's son ask questions and she gives him answers plus some.

Either way, everyone should be honest with themselves and their children. If not, are you really preparing them for the world.

Join the conversation to get tips to having those difficult conversations with the younger children in your family.

Key Topics and Things Mentioned:

  • The different ways we handled the talk
  • Tips to having the talk with your children
  • Preparing your children for the world
  • Why people of all races need to have some form of the talk

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