According To Promise


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Amos 9:1-15. Yahweh is the Lion of Judah and He is neither toothless nor tame. Being a shepherd from Tekoa, Amos knew the danger of treating a lion in this way. A lion in the wild is not tame and it will be to your disaster if you treat it as such. But the book of Amos has taught us that the people of Israel were guilty of this very disaster. Thus, Amos was sent to remind them that the Lion from Zion was not to be trifled with. Amos 9 zeroes in on the Lion of Judah as the agent of judgment who is poised to pounce, ready to carry out the promised judgment. But we also see that in His mercy , the black cloud of God's wrath will give way to the rainbow of God's promised restoration and blessing in Christ.

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