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The premiere episode of Delusional, is a continuation of a journey I began on my YouTube channel, Lindsay Makes Videos official. An effort to pour me out of me. In 2020 I broke out of a lifelong psychological prison, an event that I generally refer to as my life reboot, but some might call it a spiritual awakening. And as it turns out, my true self, which I had mostly suppressed up to that point, has a lot to say. Like, an overwhelming amount of things to say. Like, it has absolutely no patience for this meat space reality Which requires we slog through this oppressing mire of time to get anything done. So I need a creative outlet where I can work fast. The things I want to talk about are flooding my brain so quickly that I can't possibly make videos fast enough to keep up, but if I don't do something I'm a wound up stress ball that nobody is going to want to deal with I assure you. What things? You may ask inquisitively. Things that need to be talked about to prevent humanity from fucking destroying itself and this planet. That is my delusional agenda. To change the world into one that operates on love instead of fear.
Thank you for listening to my delusions. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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