6Q w/Bill Roper, World renown video game & ttrpg developer from Disney, Blizzard and more


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The Effect of Video Games on Relationships

Where Bill would like to be found: Twitter (@billroper), Currently GMing Traveller on the Happy Jacks RPG network (http://www.happyjacks.org/yumastation/) and Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@billfreakinroper
4:31 The Impact of 1977 on Nerd Culture
From Kinko’s to Blizzard
10:52 Save One of Everything
Prized items from his collection

Saving things from Disney

17:36 Fish & Chip Friday

Favorite Beer

Scotch Whiskey Club

20:45 Choices

What excited Bill about people’s choices

End of Current Campaign

25:58 Bill Avoids the Question

Seeing Braveheart w/Gary Gygax

What is Poxy Boggard?

Why the love for Traveller’s character creation

36:33 Sh*t Gets Real Day

Equality of gaming

Election Day as a National Holiday

Thoughts on gatekeeping

40:19 Just Do It

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