6Q w/Kimi Hughes, the Golden Lasso Girl


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Collector of hobbies
@goldenlassogirl, goldenlasso.net, goldenlassogames.com, marysuesband.com, HappyJacksRPG.com
4:34 Birth of a Nerd
Renaissance Fair Community
Discovery of Cosplay Community
From Ren Fairs to Happy Jacks
Big Barda DC Bombshell Costume Saga
21:26 Cosplay Beginnings
Just enjoy it
Cosplay Tutorials
3rd Gen Teacher
26:20 Game Night Favorites
How she discovered Kimi's Apple Pie
29:01 Professional Curiosity
Game Design
New Game Kimi's Developing
31:43 Real Life/Nerd Balance
The stressful element of being a teacher and doing cosplay
Most mundane things about Kimi
35:48 Embrace Inner Child Day
Kimi's Creative "Weakness"
The Importance of Embracing Your Thing
39:39 The Final Word

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