THE BOYS WHO BRUNCH: w/ writer Sean Abley, actors Bill Brochtrup and Parnell Damone Marcano and sound designer Jeff Gardner


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Dennis is joined via Zoom by four of the creators behind the new audio drama 90069: West Hollywood - Brunch, Interrupted, which is one of a series of Zip Code plays produced by the L.A.-based Antaeus Theatre Company. The four guests are writer Sean Abley, actors Parnell Damone Marcano and Bill Brochtrup (who is also the company's Artistic Director) and sound designer Jeff Gardner. The quartet talk about the process of creating the project during COVID and the play's oh-so-current theme of gentrification of gay neighborhoods. Then the group joins Dennis for a rousing round of You Don't Know My Life! where they each submit answers to this question: What's something you've witnessed or experienced where you thought, 'Only in West Hollywood?' The answers range from the hilarious--a shirtless neighbor asking, "Do you have any poppers I could borrow?"--to the poignant--RIP, Silver Spoon and Yukon Mining Company diners. You can listen to the audio play Brunch Interrupted here:

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