Terri Cole - How to Become a Boundary Boss


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This week we are thrilled to invite Terri Cole on DENtalks, just in time for the release of her new book “Boundary Boss”! Terri is a New York-based psychotherapist and transformation coach, and she is here to talk to us about self-love, boundaries, and high functioning codependency. Are you someone who struggles to say “no”? Do you feel like you’re the one always handling everything in your home or work life? Or maybe you struggle with perfectionism and feeling stuck? Then this is an episode for you! Terri will explain what it means to be a high-functioning codependent, how it creates self-abandonment, and how each of us can identify our own unique boundary blueprint based on our own needs and belief systems. Terri provides us with countless valuable tools, including her 5 Pillars to Transformation and a guide on how to identify the “secondary game” when we aren’t getting what we want. If you want to become a Boundary Boss, don’t miss this episode!

Terri's Gift to our Listeners: How to Protect Your Energetic Boundaries - https://boundaryboss.me/dentalks

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