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If you didn’t get to join us live for our latest DENtalks LIVE with Paul Selig, then you’re in for a treat. In this episode we sit down live with Psychic and Award Winning Author, Paul Selig, to discuss his most recent channeled text, “Alchemy.” Paul shares with us how this book came about, how this experience was different from other books he’s dictated, how this book has shifted his reality, and he also reminds us that he is not the author of these books - the guides are. Paul and the guides offer insight into the shifts and transformations we are going through as a collective. How aspects of self and society must be brought to the light in order to transform. We discuss moving away from the structures we’ve inherited, how we can’t carry our baggage up to higher consciousness, what the guides refer to as the ‘upper room,’ and so much more. Paul channels the guides many times in this interview and they have a lot to share! Having Paul with us is always a very special experience, so grab a journal because trust us you will want to take notes on this one.

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