Kelly Williams Brown Has Bad Times With Mental Health, Physical Health, and Marriage But Better Times With Crafts


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You can tell a lot about Kelly Williams Brown’s life by looking at her multiple bowls of tiny origami. Her “lucky stars” are folded in a pattern that Kelly learned and then repeated over and over and over to help her get through the moments of her life when all seemed lost, when death felt preferable. There are many bowls filled with these stars and they are all very large bowls. There must be tens of thousands of these stars and she keeps the bowls in easy reach in her Salem, Ore. home, reminders of how horrible her depression got and how she got through the worst of it. The title of her memoir, which is not a craft book but a memoir, reflects the sense of humor that was with her all along.

Watch Kelly Williams Brown teach John how to make a yarn ball friend.

Get your copy of Kelly Williams Brown's Easy Crafts for the Insane: A Mostly Funny Memoir of Mental Illness and Making Things here or wherever books are sold. Visit Kelly's website here. Follow her on Twitter @KWilliamsBrown and on Instagram @kellywilliamsbrown.

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