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On this episode of Design Cast I had the pleasure of speaking with Linda Keane. I connected with Linda after reading a few of her published articles on the subject of ‘Design Education’. She is Professor of Architecture & Environmental Design At The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an eLearning Entrepreneur with the She promotes environmental education awareness within the context of a STEAM curricular framework. This episode is really different as when we spoke, she shared her screen with me and had an entire presentation that illustrates the situations and concepts that she was discussing. The video of this episode is available on my YouTube channel which is linked in the show notes.

If you would like to connect with Linda or check out the work that we talk about, head over to her website where the resources, tools, articles, and so on that you will hear about are located! Again, the show notes for this episode will have links to many of the items that we discuss.

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Finally, I want to also share with you all an exciting resource that my friend Evo Hannah has been working on for the past 8-9 months. Evo hosts a fortnightly livestream on YouTube called EdTalks Live:

Ed Talks is a live talk show for teachers and parents to bring insights, thoughts and ideas from a local and global perspective, to help with remote learning and homeschooling needs. The next live show will premiere on Sept 6th at 7pm Gulf Standard Time. If you have time please check it out, it is a lot of fun!

Also, if you listened to the episode in Season 2 of this podcast when I spoke to Evo you will hopefully remember that he and I have been working on a Design Network Alliance. The link to sign up is: and we look forward to hearing from you!

Now, sit back and enjoy this chat Linda Keane!

Connect with Linda:


What book would you recommend that everyone read right now?

Emergent Strategy Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, Adrienne Maree Brown

National Geographics Double issue of How We Lost the World: A Pessimist’s Guide to Life in 2070 vs. an How we Saved the Planet: An Optimist’s Guide to Life in 2070 04.2020

Who do we need to follow on Twitter at the moment?

@MelSilk, @philiplbell, @CareerInSTEM, @STEMTeachTools, @girlsinSTEMkit,

@globalgreen, @girlsinSTEMkit, @stemefg, @ngcproject, @OfficialNGSS, many more

Best YouTube channel for educators?,,,


National Geographic Kids,

MiaAcademy Learning Channel ,


NAT Geo,




Urban Observatory

Just look at’s Explore links and all of the videos connected!!!

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