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On this episode of Design Cast I had the opportunity to speak with Eric Burton. Eric is the founder and creator of Classwork Zoom, which is a Chrome Extension that educators can use that utilizes the revision history of Google Docs and other items in your Google Classroom. It allows the teacher to look at the time spent on an assignment by a student and includes analytics. I have used it and it is an amazing tool to make your work as a teacher more efficient and effective.

Eric has made this product free to review a single student’s work at a time! His website is and you can search for it in the Chrome Extension Store. I highly recommend checking this out to anyone that uses Google Classroom.

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Now, sit back and enjoy the chat that I had with Eric Burton!

You can connect with Eric:

Website -

Twitter - @ericb321 @ClassworkZoom

GEG: Thirsty Thursday YouTube Channel

Book recommendation: Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

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