S2:E2 - iOS Accessibility Features, GraphQL Editor 3.0, Raspberry Pi 400, Stripe Climate, and CodeSandbox


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In this episode, we cover Raspberry Pi 400, Stripe Climate, and CodeSandbox's series A funding. Then we speak to Kaya Thomas, senior iOS engineer at Calm, about iOS’s new back tap feature, and other accessibility features on iOS that developers might not know about. Finally, we chat with CTO of GraphQL Editor, Artur Czemiel (Cha-mial), about the release of GraphQL Editor 3.0.

Show Notes

Kaya Thomas

Kaya is a senior iOS engineer at Calm, formerly at Slack. She also writes and has spoken at conferences all around the world.

Artur Czemiel

Artur Czemiel is the CTO of GraphQL Editor, and CEO of Aexol.

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