S2:E5 - COVID Tracking Project, Apple’s Reduced App Store Commission, Tesla Security Flaws, and Twitter Fleets


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In this episode, we talk about a concerning security flaw in the Tesla Model X, and Twitter’s fleet rollout and subsequent rollback. Then we check back in with Sarah Maxwell, spokesperson for the Coalition on App Fairness, about Apple’s new reduced app store commission for certain developers. Finally, we chat with Kevin Miller, website lead at the COVID Tracking Project, about what has become one of the most trusted sources on the spread of the pandemic.

Show Notes

Sarah Maxwell

Sarah Maxwell is the spokesperson for the Coalition for App Fairness. Prior to that, she was an executive at Blockchain.com for three years responsible for communications, expansion, and new business. Before crypto, she was also an early employee at Uber, where she led communications and policy helping to legalize ridesharing in the early days and was on the founding team for UberEATS. Over the course of her career, Sarah has worked on numerous presidential campaigns and for companies disrupting the status quo.

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller is website lead at the COVID Tracking Project. He is a mountain saunterer, wave tumbler, bike rider, raft flipper, trail loser, and part-time computer starer. He writes applications focused on public good, engagement, and empowerment.

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