The One Where We Come Back from Two Weeks Off


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Episode 26 finds that Mickey and Brian took two weeks off. The good news is no one was sick. The bad news it was just because work and life ran us over. No vacation for either of us!

Covid-19 Update

  • Brian
    • Happy to report grandma is good to go; see her Sept. 2
    • Kids start school "from home" last Wednesday
  • Mickey

General Life

  • Brian
  • Mickey
    • Finished a two week gig with customer and Tiago
    • Three new audio books in the pipeline
    • Trying out as a digital bullet journal
    • Keto


What Can't Mickey Let Go Of

What Can't Brian Let Go Of

  • Azure Boards for Families
  • Movie time on the weekends
    • Finished the Hobbit with the girl and just got the 3D version to try (don't @ me)
    • The Matrix Trilogy with the boy
    • Jurassic Park with Family on Fridays
    • Harry Potter movies on Saturday
    • Considering Mulan

Show Wrap Up

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