Ep 1021 – Deuteronomy 33:18-22


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In today’s passage, Moses blesses four more of the tribes. This time, he calls out Zebulun, Issachar, Gad, and Dan. There were four of the smaller tribes of Israel and the each had a less-than-stellar record when it came to faithfulness to Yahweh. So, in Deuteronomy 33:128-22, Moses will keep his blessings short and sweet, and leave a great deal up to the imagination, in terms of the meaning of his words. While these tribes had been set apart by God and provided with an inheritance of land, they had each proved to be unfaithful. God every reason to judge them for their disobedience and, one day, he would. But He would also prove to be faithful, eventually choosing to use them – in spite of them. Their disobedience would result in the darkness of God’s judgment. But, ultimately, God would send the light of the world, His Son, to penetrate the darkness with the hope of salvation by grace along through faith alone.

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